Hitting the Ground… Running?

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Man, I was all ready to hit the ground running this morning!

Here’s how today was going to fly:

I was going to spring out of bed first thing in the morning, head-first into a tuck-and-roll through my clothes,

… jump up fully dressed into a flying side-kick at my first writing task of the day,

… dive through the remnants of that task to elbow some paperwork in the throat,

… karate-chop some bills that have been waiting to be paid, then

… knee some food-shopping in the nuts

… before winding down to a slow jog to the movies with my girl.

Well, it didn’t quite roll that way.

Instead I just kinda hit the ground,

With a thud,

and got up limping.

Turns out I wasn’t “all ready” for running when I hit the ground.

Hey, I had good intentions, though! My work schedule is crazy, so I was really looking forward to this day off, and getting some fun and important things done.

I just forgot to back up my good intentions with preparations.

Because “hitting the ground running” is all about preparing for the run, not for hitting the ground.

You see, you WILL hit the ground. Gravity (or momentum) takes care of that for you. So, no need to focus on that. Focus on what you can control.

I spend the last few days looking forward to waking up to a day off, and having all that time to get things done, instead of getting my lists together, envisioning doing the tasks, and stretching my legs for all the karate-elbow-backflips I wanted to execute.

All that prep would have made the work easy.

I would have known what to do first, how long it would have taken, when to rest, when to work, when to play.

Instead, it was an unnecessarily hard push through what should have been a smooth-flowing day.

I mean, I eventually found a flow, and finally made it through the morning okay. But, it wasn’t what I had in mind, and I wasted a lot of time pushing too hard.

Tonight I’ll be doing some stretching, and envisioning the smooth execution of that flying elbow to the throat of the laundry…

‘Cause, like it or not, the morning gon’ come.


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