Scott Norman

Scott Norman

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“On stage he is versatile, from a “street” feel to uptight geeky guy (I’ve seen him do both). His best quality is his ability to have fun, onstage and off. He’s loose and that makes him easy to work with and fun to have around. Not one of those uptight guys who broods and takes himself way too seriously. He’s a generous guy in rehearsal, free with compliments and ready to help out. A strong ensemble guy – not a diva. A great addition to the energy of a cast, and a stand-up guy all around.”
— Carla Milarch, Artistic Director at Performance Network

“When I hear Scott Norman I think: Talented, dedicated, driven, responsible, trustworthy and inspired. Someone who understands the process of filmmaking and was patient with me as a first time director. Also a great teacher, lending his insight and expertise to the project. And definitely someone who’s in it for the long haul with unwavering commitment and dedication!”
— Rola Nashef, Director of “Detroit Unleaded”

“Scott is one of the first actors I call when we’re gearing up for a new project. He’s a very dedicated professional who puts an enormous amount of thought and preparation into every part. That goes far beyond showing up on set with his lines nailed solid – his performances are nuanced and fresh, he takes direction and collaborates very well, imbues his characters with rich emotional underpinnings, and he is generally an amazing and fun person to work with.  Being on set with Scott and watching him work is a rare pleasure!”
— Mike Zawacki, Creator & Director of “The Wars of Other Men”

“Scott Norman. Incredibly likable. Collaborative, versatile, able to step into a role and bring his own self to it. His brain goes into the preparation and it shows on the stage. He brings a sense of fun to the project. Directable, no ego. The phrase that comes to mind, even though it sounds like a third grader’s report card, is, “works well with others”. I am personally grateful for his presence and what he brings to a project.”
— Georgie Pachella, Producer of “Lay Your Comfort Down”

“Scott is a pleasure to work with. It’s always a relief to a production team to have an actor well prepared and ready to go everyday through production, and Scott is one of those people. I noticed he took instruction very well from the director and his performance speaks for itself.”
— Adrian Walker, Writer & Producer of “The Art of Power”

“What comes to mind when I hear the name Scott Norman is a man of integrity, skill, and cultivated talent. Scott is a great actor with a great look on camera. He is also an asset to any set – bringing with him experience and a sense of playfulness. I’ve enjoyed working with scott on InZer0 and plan to work with him again on many future projects.”
— Jamie Sonderman, Director & Creator of “InZer0”

“My impression is that you are a team building type of actor. You bring a great sense of humor and community to the rehearsal process. You have displayed an ability to develop a clear distinct character with little direction and you are able to adapt the direction and flow of show into the choices you make as an actor. You are always prepared. In addition, you are an extremely likable person. Other actors and the crew enjoy your personality and company. Believe me, as a director the level of trust, commitment and comfort you convey is invaluable to the overall process of developing a cohesive show.”
— Lynch Travis, Director of “A View From The Bridge”

“The most important things I think of when I think of you are, “open and willing to try anything.” You execute, you get the job done, with no bullshit. You have such a great attitude. I have worked with so many actors who are resistant, closed off, or even make faces at me when I give them a direction, like I’m crazy! I HATE THAT!!!!! You just do it. You may ask questions to clarify, but you execute. When Scott Norman’s on board, my job is easier. I always call him to make sure he’s coming to my auditions. He cleanly and honestly executes everything I ask of him, and brings his wealth of imagination to the table. His bold improvisations and sense of humor was instrumental in developing my show, The Golden Goose. I like my rehearsals to be upbeat and full of energy, and having Scott around brightened the atmosphere. His focus and commitment raises the bar in rehearsal, and other actors tend to follow his lead, as he is so compelling. Finally, Scott makes the most interesting and delightful physical choices. He’s like a human spring! He is an utter joy to watch and work with.”
— Lynn Lammers, Director of “The Golden Goose”

“Scott Norman walks into a room and it lights up. He is so full of energy and joy that one would think there would be hardly any capacity for his prodigious talent, but indeed there is.
Scott’s choices on stage and in rehearsal are always character and moment driven; he’s got a special knack for squeezing the maximum out of every moment without drawing undue attention to himself. Those instincts flow from his enormous generosity of spirit, and because he is so willing to share what he’s got—by way of technique, seriousness and playfulness—he makes the ensemble better, the play better.
His work with people is multi-layered; he is as comfortable with high schoolers as he is with his fellow professionals, never condescending or imperious, always at play in a serious way. One’s life gets a lift just by working with him.”
— Ben Cohen, Director of “Lay Your Comfort Down”

“I’ve taken a class with Scott and directed him in a play; both were wonderful experiences. Comedically, Scott Norman is the ideal type of actor. He has a knack for finding the truth in a script right away, and he has excellent timing. It’s entertaining seeing Scott rehearse and connect with other actors so easily. When he’s in front of an audience it’s really something special. Scott has wide range. It’s hard for me to picture a situation where you could say he has been miss-cast. Scott Norman is an incredibly talented, hard working, personable actor well deserving of success!”
— Jedidiah Clarke, Writer & Director of “It’s Crazy Sometimes”

“Whenever I think of you I just think of what a consummate professional you are. You do your work without any ego or attitude and that’s rare thing in this business. And you’re a blast to have around.”
— Ahmed Muslimani, Resident Artist at Blackbird Theatre

“…So the word that initially came to mind when I read that question was “charm”. The second thought was that of your smile and that made me think “warmth”. Hope that helps you charming bastard!”
— Alexia Sims, Director of “For What Cause”

“I think ‘energy’ and ‘physicality’ when I think Scott Norman.”
— Barton Bund, Artistic Director at Blackbird Theatre