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I appreciate you coming here to check on me and my credentials.

Most things are here on this one page:

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NAME: Jacob Hawkins
CITY: New York
BIRTHDAY: 25. 03. 1987
INTEREST: Basketball, Formula 1

The Latest…

  • August 2021
    WHEW! What a year+ it's been. Now, it's time to get back to business. New Headshots; New website up and running; Acting, Directing, and Teaching gigs are starting up again. I hope we can all keep this up until it becomes "normal" again…
    AUG '21
  • April 2021
    "The show must go on!"
    So proud to have been a part of Plowshares Theatre's production of "ROOST" by Lee Edward Colston II. It was a world premiere, and literally was seen around the world in several countries LIVE, thanks to a spectacular live-stream that looked like a network broadcast show! Looking forward to more from this theater.
    APR '21
  • July 2020
    Finally! We wrapped on the last of final film projects for my acting students at Motion Picture Institute. I'm proud of their work, and how far they've come. Now we wait for the editing process to complete. I'll provide links to the films when they are released post-graduation.
  • June 2020
    The END of ZOOM classes! School opens for in-person teaching again, and I cannot wait to work with the students properly again. Enough of the table work — we now rehearse for the final films on our feet and in our faces! (With masks on, of course…)
  • May 2020
    Acting classes via ZOOM? I'm skeptical, but we gotta keep the students sharp somehow. We are all going crazy, wondering when lockdown will end and we can go back to doing what we love. We still need to prepare for, and shoot, their final projects sometime this year…
  • March 2020
    Lockdown! We knew it was coming. Teaching suspended for the meantime. We hope not for too long.

    And, damn. So much for Plowshares Theatre's Spring Production of ROOST by Lee Edward Colston II. We thought it would be a short postponement, but it's going to be indefinite, just like classes. Rest of the Cast and I are all committed for whenever the theatre can open back up.

  • February 2020
    After our long and frusutrating search for an actor to play Eugene O'Neil in Plowshares Theatre's Michigan Premiere of "N" by Adrienne Earle Pender, I agreed to step into the role. A strong story about racism in theatre, and a debate about who "owns art." It was very cool to bump into patrons at a coffee shop a few hours after one performance still discussing the play!

About Me

Actor. Teacher. Friend. Fool.

Hi! I appreciate you taking the time to check out my page and my credentials. Since your reading, here’s a little of the latest about me…

Last year, I returned from a six-year hiatus from performing, instigated by the need to help care for a dying family member.

I took on a few endeavors during that time away to help heal from the loss.

I went to film school at Motion Picture Institute (MPI) to learn directing and screenwriting. Upon graduation, the school invited me to supervise and direct the final film project for the students in the acting program.

I continue to supervise the production of the Actors’ Thesis Films, and have since started teaching various acting classes at MPI, and contribute to the Acting Program’s ongoing development.

I’ve recently started to document much of my teaching experience in my blog about acting.

In addition to teaching, I contribute to the development of Plowshares Theatre Company (Detroit’s premiere professional African American theater) as a resident artist.


Film & Television

Low Winter Sun
Detroit 1-8-7
Street Kings 2: Motor City
Detroit Unleaded
The Wars of Other Men
The Art Of Power


AMC Television
ABC Television
FOX Home Entertainment
Gas Afterhours Productions
Paradise Valley Media
First Element Entertainment
Thought Collide


The Whipping Man
The Whipping Man
The Whipping Man
The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife
Take Me Out
The Vast Difference
New Releases
Flyover, USA
Art Fest Madness
Taking Care of Mimi
A Strange Disappearance of Bees All Childish Things
Norma & Wanda

Eugene O’Neil
Chico Fernandez
Various Roles
Lamont Wilson
Paulie (understudy)

Plowshares Theatre
Plowshares Theatre
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Jewish Ensemble Theatre
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Williamston Theatre
Williamston Theatre
Williamston Theatre
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Detroit Repertory Theatre
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Freelance Theatre Project

Training & Special Skills

…See the PDF version of my résumé.

(It’s too big to fit here on this screen size.)

Contact Me

You can contact me by email, phone, or text (all of which are on the PDF of my résumé), but here’s a quick email form for your convenience: